The Top 5 Computer Science Programs

Anyone seeking education in the field of technology should look into the 5 best Computer Science programs. There are thousands of schools across America offering Computer Science programs but who provides the best education in this highly competitive and rapidly changing field? Several reputable college guides mention the same five schools that provide utmost excellence in Computer Science.

Constantinos Daskalakis
Constantinos Daskalakis is the x-window consortium associate professor of computer science at MIT


These five academic institutions stand out and with due reasons:

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). MIT doesn’t just offer education in fields within the category of technology. The university has departments for Architecture, Humanities, Arts, and Management. However MIT does stand out for its programs in technology and science; and most especially in Computer Science. Both US News and College Crunch list MIT as the top place to get your Computer Science thinking cap. 30% of the students in the whole school agree and are currently earning their degree from the Computer Science department on campus. From its world-class laboratories to award-winning faculty members, there are many reasons that keep 30% of MIT’s student body from making the wrong choice.

2. Stanford University. The Computer Science department of Stanford has come a long way since its beginnings in 1965. The school specializes in providing a solid groundwork in Computer Science for its students as well as advancement in artificial intelligence and robotics. Mr. Bill Gates himself donated $6 million for a Stanford Computer Science building known as the Gates Building. Stanford students can choose nine different Computer Science paths and get much needed hands on training from research work that is incorporated within the curriculum.

3. University of California-Berkeley. UC Berkeley’s Computer Science program stands out with its focus on how Computer Science affects other fields such as Biology. This approach has led to prodigious research findings and has provided students with an approach that is not offered in most schools worldwide. Its history is as rich as its progress. UC Berkeley was the first of the nine UC schools established back in 1868. Its students from the past have contributed to what we now call the Internet, open-source technology and, last but not the least, the iPod.

4. Carnegie Mellon University. Any academic institution whose vision states “Computational thinking will be a fundamental skill used by everyone in the world by the middle of the 21st Century” is certainly serious about the Computer Science education it provides. The combination of Computer Science along with other disciplines such as Biology and Arts provides an environment for students to think outside the technology box. Aside from a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, students have the option to earn a B.S. in Computational Biology; Science and Arts; and Music and Technology.

5. Cornell University. Cornell University’s Computer Science department not only partners with the College of Engineering-a norm for Computer Science departments-but also with its College of Arts and Sciences. The school provides a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science as well as offers the rare Minor in Computer Science. This minor is an in-depth study of the field for those who are unable to complete the entire program. Six of the seven undergraduate departments in Cornell are allowed to have their students enroll in the minor program. A Minor in Game Design is also available in this prestigious university.

Anyone who argues we are not in the age of technology and information will have a hard case to make. A degree or even an in-depth minor in Computer Science can go a long way not only for those who want to fully focus on this particular field but for all who want to be step ahead in their chosen profession.

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